Performance report Search Console consists

Search Console consists of several dashboards from a basic overview of your website’s performance to reports of critical issues that you should address.

  • Performance – gives you insights into how your site performs in Google Search results
  • URL inspection – gives you information about Google’s indexed version of any of your pages
  • Coverage – shows what pages are indexed on Google and reports any issues with indexation

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  • Sitemaps – enables you to add a new sitemap and see your previous submissions or problems
  • Removals – serves as a tool to temporarily block any page from search results
  • Enhancements – provides information about your enhancements (such as AMP, sitelinks, etc.) and user experience and usability issues
  • Manual actions – shows whether you have any manual penalty from Google
  • Security issues – reports any detected security issues on your site
  • Links – provides a basic overview of your links (both external and internal)

The report you’ll spend the most time with and the one we’ll take a closer look in this chapter is the Performance report.

Performance report

The Performance report will give you a detailed overview of your site’s performance in Google Search.

It consists of 3 main areas you can configure to see the data you need:

  • Top filter – allows you to select the search type, date range and filter the dimensions
  • Metrics chart – shows the chart with the 4 main metrics (clicks, impressions, average CTR and average position); you can select any combination of the metrics by clicking on them
  • Dimension tabs with data table – allows you to select the preferred dimension and see the data in a simple table

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